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Sharing is caring: Promoting your contemporaries while promoting yourself on social media

Earlier this week, I Twitter-stalked D.C.’s latest Social Media Breakfast, listening in (or, reading in, as it were) to the great ideas being presented by speakers and attendees alike.

One of the awesome things about Twitter, of course, is that it allows me, a woman in San Francisco, to eavesdrop on a conversation happening some 2500 miles away.  And, with the incorporation of hashtags, I can even participate in the event myself, if I see a tweeted comment to which I feel compelled to respond.

One of my favorite tweets from that discussion came from Mandy Jenkins. I have mentioned Jenkins before for the insight she has provided Re: how blogs, news sites, and any other spot on the Internet that allows for reader input can have a robust comment section without getting overrun by abusive trolls. But the discussion for the most recent Social Media Breakfast centered around collaboration within organizations, a topic that spurred this tweet from Jenkins:

Her comment here underscores the idea that social media is social first: it’s about people connecting with one another through the sharing of information, ideas, and experiences.  Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Loopt are obviously powerful tools for connecting with an audience, but if businesses, marketers, non-profits, and others treat these tools as media through which they announce only their own great qualities, the message will sound to audiences like the obnoxious person at a party who talks only about herself–and I think we all go out of our way to avoid getting caught between that person and the hors d’oeuvres table. Continue reading