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Links to my blog, my Twitter feed, my Tumblr, and all of my other online haunts can be found at my page:  (“Verbal Cupcake” is also the name of my blog.)

Introduction: University English Instructor turned social-media-obsessed blogger.  I am a talented writer, meticulous editor, skilled community-builder, knowledgeable grammarian, and enthusiastic team contributor.  Plus: I bake.

Objective: I am extremely passionate about news, information, and technology.  At the same time, I am outgoing, personable, and exceptionally good at building and maintaining partnerships, which is why I am pursuing a career in Online Community Engagement, a field that unites my excellent communication skills with my extensive experience in using social media to grow and engage an audience

Employment History and Relevant Experience:

Intern, NPR’s On the Media, WNYC, New York, NY
June 15-August 24, 2009

Worked collaboratively with each of the seven OTM producers as well as with hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield to develop stories and produce the weekly broadcast.  Assisted in all aspects of show production, including successfully pitching story ideas, pre-interviewing guests and performing story-related research and fact-checking.  Wrote story questions and introductions for show hosts and edited stories (using Pro Tools) to reduce a thirty-minute interview down to a clear, focused, coherent story of approximately eight minutes.*

Searched for and recorded relevant sound clips to add “texture” to various segments.  Updated OTM website using CMS.  Maintained database of media contacts, fixing contact information that was outdated and adding new contacts to the database as needed.  Moderated comments on the OTM website, removing those that did not adhere to the official Terms of Use.  Served as first point of contact for listeners by reading and responding daily to listener email.  Produced weekly e-newsletter in order to increase listener interest in and engagement with the show.  Tweeted using On the Media’s Twitter account to connect with followers and help build the OTM brand by sharing information about issues related to news media in general and offering listeners glimpses of the stories we were working on each week.

*Please see Copyright Flack—which explores the complexity of protecting “intellectual property” in the digital age—and Sight Unseen—fact-checking the claims made in health care reform ads—as examples of stories that I was especially involved in producing, from the early research and pre-interviewing of guests to the writing of the introduction and questions that make up each host’s “script” to editing the completed interviews.

Lecturer, English Department, San Francisco State University
August 2001-May 2010

Designed and taught curriculum for required freshman, sophomore, and upper-division writing classes in order to provide students with the reading, writing, critical thinking and grammatical skills necessary to produce clear, focused, analytical papers appropriate for a college-educated audience.  Utilized a variety of community-building techniques to optimize learning and to foster teamwork among students in order to encourage strong class participation from everyone enrolled.  Required students to create and maintain blogs as well as participate in a variety of online community discussion platforms, including iLearn, Blackboard, and Google Groups. 

Junior Writer, Office of Publications and Public Affairs, San Francisco State University
January 2000-August 2000

Served on event planning committee for SFSU’s week-long centennial celebration, working with vendors and caterers to ensure a successful event and engaging in outreach to increase student and faculty participation in the centennial.  Wrote and distributed press releases announcing breaking news related to the university, including (but not limited to) faculty and alumni research and achievements, campus construction, and other developments.  Maintained websites for two campus newsletters: CampusMemo and First Monday.  Interviewed faculty, staff, and students for profiles and press releases.  Wrote, edited, and proofread feature articles and profile pieces for Look, an online magazine serving the SFSU community.  Worked under deadline pressure and always met deadlines.

Writing and Editorial Background


Master of Arts in English Literature, San Francisco State University
Conferred May 2002

Master’s thesis title: Staged fright: media, image, and cultural paranoia in Don DeLillo’s fiction

Certificate in Teaching Post-Secondary Composition
, San Francisco State University
Conferred January 2002

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, San Diego State University
Conferred May 1997


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