About Me

After nine years as a Lecturer in the English Department at San Francisco State University, I am now pursuing a career in online media.  I have always loved writing and I have been an unabashed Internet junkie since the days of dial-up access.  My passion for the Internet and the many ways it shapes and enhances our communication with one another has led me to seek a career in which I participate full time in the ongoing growth of this medium.  A successful summer internship last year with NPR’s On the Media further convinced me that I am ready to make the transition from participant to leader, as a Community Manager who writes and manages social media platforms for a given local company or news media outlet in order to increase user engagement.  At present, I am volunteering my time in such a capacity for SF Public Press, a non-profit, non-commercial news outlet serving the city of San Francisco.

I have found that many of the skills I honed as an educator are directly applicable to the field of online community management.  I have excellent people-skills, which I acquired through years of working with thousands of students, each of whom has unique personality quirks and characteristics.  I have also mastered a variety of techniques for encouraging valuable discussion and for helping people with very different personalities work together effectively to share ideas and resources.  These are the same kinds of skills that an effective Community Manager possesses in order to best grow an online community and ensure its continued health.

I am excited about moving into a new career that allows me to combine these strengths with my knowledge of social media, my excellent written and verbal communication skills, and my passion for working with others in a team environment toward a shared goal and vision.

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to send me an email or message me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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